Saturday, May 25, 2013

Too many restaurants.

I wrote this little rant a long ass time ago and never posted it here.

Commence rant.

The other problem here is that there is so much competition that we have lost all sense of how much something should really cost.
red hot passion has been diluted into a lukewarm ocean of mediocrity.
Quite frankly there are too many goddamn restaurants. Every Joe, Schmoe and Smith thinks they can run one and they some how have the money to open one. The problem here is an extremely spread out talent pool. This is most obvious in NYC where we have more than 30,000 restaurants. It is impossible to hire a good linecook in NYC. "Why?" Because they all have chef and sous chef positions. Try finding a serious waiter? HA! you won't. The good waiters are either working at the best and busiest established joints (and have been for years) or they are conning some Joe Schmoe restaurant owner into paying them some retarded salary to manage things, while they actually sit back and do nothing. They are getting theirs and there is nothing wrong with that I suppose, except that it means most restaurants are being operated by one or two people who are actually serious and passionate about the business and then whatever rabble they can throw together to make a complete team. Its like everyone is the Bad News Bears.

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